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Pickett SP, Southern Terminus, Twin Arches, Hazard Cave

November 5-7, Mle 260-255: Many of the handsome sandstone structures you'll find in Pickett State Park were built in 1930's. Like many state parks, the Civilian Conservation Corps provided trail improvements and generally beautified the park for a growing class of weekend automobile tourists. Two companies worked here. Company 447 occupied the park from 1934-1941. A memorial at the park's entrance explains, "Each company consisted of about 200 young men who were housed in tents and barracks under the management of army personnel. The men were paid $30 a month, of which $25 was sent home. They also received free housing, food, medical and dental care as well as educational benefits." The southern terminus of the Sheltowee Trace is at TN 154 in the park. It is also the trailhead for the Hidden Passage Trail. The name refers to a narrow aperture along the rim of Thompson Creek. One can find many hidden passages if they leave the trail since much of the it is routed along the rim of high cliffs in a narrow valley. The cliffline above Station Camp Creek near the Twin Arches is immense with towering south-facing dry rockhouses.