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Guided rock climbing in the Gorge

March 31, Fortress wall in the Red River Gorge, near Mile 70. Booked a guided climb with the new owners of Red River Outdoors, Amy & Matt Tackett. My sister and her family were in Kentucky for their annual visit from Berkeley, California. They enjoy Gym climbing on a regular basis while in CA, and wanted to do a trip in the Gorge to give their kids a chance to climb outdoors on the legendary crags of the RRG. Our guides (Charlie, Virginia & Aaron) were very friendly and knowledgable. Matt got us all fitted with harnesses and shoes, and off to the wall we went - all six of us, including three kids age 7 to 13. What a day! Everybody had a great time, and as you can see from the pictures, the kids felt totally comfortable and really enjoyed themselves. Matt and his crew @ RRO come highly recommended and also rent canoes and mountain bikes. They can be reached at: 859.230.3567