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Laurel Lake, Bee Rock OV, & mouth of the Rockcastle River

April 9-10: The plan was to hike the Sheltowee around Laurel Lake. Diversion due to no open campgrounds. Camped in open first night near White Oak campground at Laurel Lake. Received citation from Laurel County Sheriff at said camp. Hiked Cold Rock School Trail then the Corps of Engineers Laurel Lake dam and spillway trail. Lesson learned: unless you have a boat to visit boat-in campgrounds, which are open all year, one should be careful camping at Laurel Lake off-season. Camped at Bee Rock the next night, which was open but full. Visited the Sublimity Bridge Overlook for sunset. Hiked the loop around the mouth of Rockcastle starting at the Scuttle Hole Overlook. Connected Dutch Branch, Ned Branch, Twin Branch, and Lakeside trails for counterclockwise loop. The Rockcastle Campground was open and little used. This loop is one of the best in the London Ranger District of the Daniel Boone National Forest.